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I thought “いっちゃいました” here means “she has come”? That’s why they’re all smiling awkwardly.


When you hit Ohno’s wrong nerve, his face changes and he doesn’t hide it. It’s just a split second though, and then Ohno’s out of the camera’s frame for a while. He was about to sit down and he stands back up to stare at Taka. You can even see the small smile on his face disappear.

Utaban, 2009.11.17

This is for the anon question about Ohno reacting to someone else making fun of Arashi’s fan

Sho shakes the hand of the girl who was able to attend Arashi’s debut handshake. She’s been following Arashi for a decade. After shaking Sho’s hand, Taka said, “Her soul left.” (aka she just died)

And that’s Ohno’s face.

Then Taka mimicked the girl and Ohno said something in a low voice which couldn’t be heard, so Taka leaned down, “What? What did you say?”

Ohno: Don’t do that.

Taka was about to defend himself when Jun said, “Our Ohno-san just asked you to stop.”

Nakai: That’s rare, that’s very rare.

Nino: He’s right, you shouldn’t do that.

Taka tried to mimic again and Ohno grabbed his hand this time to stop him. Then Nakai moved it along to the next segment.

Of course in the end they’re all smiling. 


Don’t mess with Arashi fans infront of Ohno Satoshi.. XD You’ll see hell…haha..!

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