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18. I keep a mini not really sharp sword beside my bed

Okay the story happend sometime 2010 where I first got my car..Shiroi..Someone smashed the windows..I had to pay $300+ for it..

and it’s not even two months since I got her..Her windows got smashed that time we’re about to go to Toronto for my auncle’s around midnight our dog Yuki was so0o mad..she’s barking and growling like crazy and the hair at her back is standing..that’s how mad she was and I got really scared so I to0k a small Katana that’s a decoration by the stairs..just incase that someone decided to break in the house..but I’m to0 scared to get the bigest katana so I to0k the smallest one..haha..

So I’ll be prepared if there’s any intruders lol…tho I might be scared to even swing it..but!!! I learned the kome (米) style from Shiyagare so I should be fine!! haha..something I learned from Arashi that I hope I won’t use..XD

it’s been a long time since I made a 100 facts ne. Don’t even know if there’s anyone interested in them…oh well..

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