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Ive just made this tumblr because one night while i should have been writing an essay i was contemplating if it would be possible to follow every single person on tumblr. wow. thats a lot of people. will it be possible? im gonna find out. please reblog this and spread the word.

if i see a plus next to your name i will click it no questions asked. please help me on my journey.

*original pokemon theme song plays*

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What a disappointment!!

Okai!!! this is the only place I can rant where people I know w0n’t be too intrigue..!

okay as you all I’m in Philippines for my wedding..! And it’s only been a month And I WANNA GO BACK HOME!!!!! urgh it’s soo dirty and hot here and I’ve been wanting to go back home since a month ago!! I’ve been seeing things that’s you dont normally see in the bedroom namely: ants, cockroaches and wormsss..!! all the creeps!! my first night in our house I couldn’t sleep til 3am because I’m getting paranoid that There’s gonna be something that’s going creep up my bed!! urgh!! And not to mention how bad traffic is in here..! and or the commute..!

don’t even get me started on the INTERNET!!!! it’s as slow as the gov’t!!!

sorry for my rant..!! I’m just not used to this kind of environment..!! I just wanna go home!!! I can’t wait to go home..!!!!

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